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**SOLID FIBERGLASS FINS FOR VARIOUS BOX SYSTEMS** - Now supplying singles, thrusters and quad fin sets in solid, tinted fiberglass.  More info HERE
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Cut Yards 6 oz 30" Great White Cloth


Price without GST: $5.96
GST Amount: $0.60
Our Price: $6.56


JP Stevens Great white 6oz Warp 30" wide

 Please contact Surfblanks via email or phone to order cloth.

 Our cloth cutter is measured in yards  - 1 Yard is 3" or 7.6cm less than metre.


A silane finished cloth that has been woven with more strands in the length than across to help avoid surfboard snapping.

This cloth has a higher tensile strength than ordinary E glass

JP Stevens fibreglass made in the USA = High quality, clean ,white and soft fibreglass.

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