Pacific ISO FoamPacific Iso Foam

Pacific Foam is our number two foam.  This is a cheaper, faster cutting foam designed for budget minded shapers everywhere. Pacific Foam ends up in a lot of shop boards where the maker needs to be competitive.

While Pacific Iso Foam whiteness does not match Superwhite Foam, the cell is very fine and the blank weights are identical to Superwhite.

Surfblanks Australia is now producing Pacific Foam in blank form for those surfboard manufacturers who need to make a substantial saving on their material costs. Local Sydney shapers acknowledge the firm structure of this foam, even after deep cutting. 

Pacific Foam now has a dye that resists UV degradation up to a point, so spraying the foam white is unnecessary.

This foam, beautifully processed as it is, really only matches whatever else (one level down) is out there! You might not want a pro surfer to ride this foam but a retailer (surf shop) would love it!

Image Right: Pacific Foam: Same mould - same weight - different formula (top) & (bottom) Pacific Foam makes great longboard blanks too!

Since 2013 when all Surfblanks foams were upgraded to a super strong standard, Pacific Foam physicals now exceed any competitors foam for compression and snap strength.