There are three methods available to Surfblanks customers so they can secure their own rockers or glued profiles.

1 – One off change to existing rocker.

Order a blank/s with plus or minus nose or tail rocker. The rocker change is created by bending a blank (half) past an existing curve to give more or less rocker. Generally the increase or decrease is faired in unless the customer requests otherwise. There is no charge for this, however no template or record is kept of this rocker change.

2 – Template made from altered rocker.

Once a rocker has been changed/drawn to suit the customer, a labelled template of that rocker is kept. The customer can re order from that template anytime. Charge for this is $6.00 which allows for wood and labour.

3 – Computer generated rocker template.

Emailed profiles can be printed and cut from template wood. This is an extremely accurate method of rocker making since the deck curve of the finished blanks is used to generate the template. A $15.00 charge for this covers printer, wood and labour.