LITE Surfing EPS available in two sizes and weight options (small Pearl bead)

 6’4” x 21” x 3”

7’0” x 24” x 3 ½”


26 KGM3 = 1.62 Pound

32 KGM3 = 2.0 Pound


Rockers - Both sizes have a natural curve compatible with most current boards giving the shaper and customer the option to use a stringer or leave stringerless. You can select a custom rocker when using the stringer option.

We can also add a coloured High density foam insert to add width to the blank.


The LITE Eps will cut well using an electric planner or CNC shaping Machine.

If using a CNC shaping Machine we recommend you cut at a slower speed to reduce static and heat damage.

The finish is good as the pearl beads are small and uniform, we recommend using a sanding screen to hand finish the 26 density.


EPS must be glassed in Epoxy resin only – at this stage we do not sell Epoxy


Please email for a quote when after an EPS blank with stringer or foam insert.