10" Farrelly Cutaway Fin One colour

First Vee Bottom - 1967

Farrelly Cutaway Fins are now available in sizes 8", 10'' and 12'' - to fit standard 9mm wide fin boxes. 

The fins come with a stainless plate and screw.  The 12'' fin is used as a large single - the 8" and 10'' can also be used with small side fins.

The 12" Cutaway shown above works well with side bites similar to the MF 2 1/2" side bites.

The current Cutaway design is an updated version of a 1960's fin Midget used on his '67 Vee Bottom (pictured at right). Frank Latta is responsible for encouraging Midget to redesign the fin in the 1980's.



Construction: Composite E glass/polyester resin & clear urethane finish
Depth: 12.0" (fits standard 9mm fin box) Measured from the very base of the fin
Colours: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow

Fin Box in photo not included

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