Abralon Polishing Pad 150mm

Abralon By Mirka 

Mirka have designed a Velcro foam Disc for the wet sanding of surfboards. 

Abralon Discs cut out the hard work creating a beatiful finish coat. After a 240grt rub use the 500grt then 1000grt Abralon Disc, 800 the rails and you are done.                        

Discs are foam padded with a superior abrasive on one side that out lasts traditional abrasives and velcro on the other for quick attachment to your sanding pad. Use with water to give the finest possible finish.  

Sanders  generally use around 8 - 10 surfboards per disc. 

Available in 6" Velcro in 500 & 1000 grt

Recommended for use on 6"  Velcro Fexpads or simply by hand.

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