3 3/4" Surfblanks MF Quad Trailers (2)

Set (2) Surfblanks Fibreglass 3 3/4" MF Quad Trailers (FCS compatible) - 3 3/4" deep with 4" base 

Quality, transparent/tinted, solid fibreglass fins with high shine finish.

 High quality, 100% fiberglass fins – made in the traditional way with E glass and polyester resin, for greater strength. These fins will probably outlast the boards they are mounted in by many lifetimes.

This is the most expensive way to make fins, yet the prices Surfblanks offers are very reasonable.

Honeycomb core fins hidden behind graphics are very cheap to make by comparison, but have poor strength and durability.

Transparent resin tints are used so that light filters through the glass matrix and creates magical colours.

The templates have a raked leading edge to soften ride. This rake back causes the tip pressure to sit behind the main body of the fin, thereby eliminating the snatching bite that other designs might experience.

This design that spreads the pressure makes the fins very versatile for big and small wave boards.

As old as these templates are (Midget cut them in the 1980’s), they still perform beautifully today.

Cant on the lead fins is 6.5 degrees.

Cant on quad trailers is 3 degrees.

Cant on side bites is 5 degrees.



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