Surfblanks Bright Laminating Polyester Resin

Australian Polyester Surfboard Bright Resin - Featuring a medium Blue tinge, easy working viscosity and rapid cure. Always store unused contents in a cool place

This product is Flammable Liquid and can not be posted. You can use our online shop to order this product. Follow the steps to the check out and we will receive your order request via email

Surfblanks will contact you with a final price including delivery by ground courier.

Please only order Resin if you intend to use it within a small time frame as the shelf life is not long. Ideally needs to be used within 2-3 weeks of receiving.

Gel Times

 Laminating - 1% M.E.K.P = 9 mins gel @ 25c

 Sanding     - 2% M.E.K.P = 6 mins gel @ 25c - Stir wax back into resin before use if can has been resting for some time.

 Finish        - 3% M.E.K.P = 9 mins gel @ 25c

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