8.5" 1970 Single Fin One Colour

1970's style single fins made in the old way, ie all glass to fit 8'', 10'' and 12'' fin boxes - the fin is 8.5" deep with 6" base. Fin Box in photo not included

Though this design is forty plus years old it is still quite futuristic with its high aspect ratio and slight laybeck. Midget designed it for guns but it works well with just about any shape.

This 8.5" fin will fit a standard 9mm slot fin box - includes plate and screw.

The 8.5" fin can be used as a single as in down rall shapes.

It can be used as a gun fin.

It can be used as a mini mal or hybrid fin.

It can be used as a centre fin with small side bites which are set forward as were used in the '70's tri fin set up before thrusters came along

The fins are all glass construction with a high shine finish.

Colours are either transparent or slightly opaque.

The all glass construction adds a quality look/feel to any board.


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