8" Farrelly Cutaway Fin One colour

Farrelly Cutaway Fins are now available in sizes 8", 9 1/2'' and 12'' - to fit standard 9mm wide fin boxes. 

The fins come with a stainless plate and screw.  The 12'' fin is used as a large single - the 8" and 10'' can also be used with small side fins.

The 8" Cutaway shown above works well with side bites similar to the MF 2 1/2" side bites.

The current Cutaway design is an updated version of a 1960's fin Midget used on his '67 Vee Bottom. Frank Latta is responsible for encouraging Midget to redesign the fin in the 1980's.

Widely copied and relabeled, the fin fulfills two functions.

Turns that border on drift (less lateral resistance) and a bulbous tip that will hold a nose ride.


Fin Box in photo not included


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