Abranet Round Screen 300mm

Abranet By Mirka  - A shaping Screen with thousands of holes eliminating clogging. Once you have used Abranet you wont want to change back.

Large round 300mm  , flexible shaping screen available in three grades  80, 120 & 240.

The Velcro gives a strong bond so you can wrap the screen around the block helping to eliminate gouging caused by block edges. 

Work the block on the flats of the deck and bottom using 80grt & 120grt to take down the thickness or to remove machine cutter marks.  Use 240grt for a smooth overall final finish.

Abranet screen is also used Free Hand to shape the rail and finish off.

Need to find a gauze to fit your special block ?  Try the Abranet screen 300mm diameter makes it easy to cut down and use with your special block you have in your shaping bay.

Abranet Quality.   We are yet to find a product in the gauze/screen range that comes close to the Abranet in efficiency and longevity. Abranet will last INDEFINITELY !

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