Honeywell Half Mask Respirator


  • Strategic placement of exhalation valve allows more breath to be
    exhaled out of the mask faster leaving workers feeling cooler and
  • Variable thickness in sealing area means the nose area is flexible
    enough to conform to the bridge, it provides superior comfort without
    sacrificing fit of the nose, but not too thin to collapse
  • Only 9 parts – all parts are replaceable meaning they are quick and
    easy to strip down and clean
  • Latex free
  • Low dead air space means less exhaled breath is re-breathed which
    encourages Increased worker productivity
  • Built up chin area supports the mask, maintains fit even while the
    wearer is talking
  • Not suitable for use in IDLH environments


  • Ideal for use with Honeywell Filter Cartridges – sold separately
  • Suitable for various applications requiring respiratory protection
    with HF mask against various contaminants depending on the filter used
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