Up to 9'6" Longboard Kit

Longboard kit for sizes up to 9'6"includes,

1 x 9'8" LB Surfblank with standard stringer and weight,  4lt can Laminating Resin, 2lt can Sanding Resin, 125ml Catalyst, 10 yards 6 oz Fibreglass cloth, 

1 x 32mm legrope plug & 1 x 10" white finbox .     

Machine shaped blanks are available  http://www.surfblanksaustralia.com/shop-online/shop/machined-blank-pdf

We have listed these products below as a guide to help you get started and build your own Shortboard. Tools required to shape and glass vary from one surfboard builder to another and we have found over the years board builders have their own preference of tools to use. We carry the core products you need to shape and glass a surfboard.

Recommended Shaping Tools 

1 x David stringer plane

1 x Surfblanks Wooden Calipers

1 x Foam EZ Pro Measure Square

Velcro Shaping Blocks. 1 x soft & 1 x  Hard

Abranet shaping screen for block 80grt & 240grt

Recommended Materials & Tools for Glassing

We recommend you use a respirator for glassing with approved gas/fume cartidges.

6" Surfblanks Squeegee

1lt can Acetone Solvent

2lt  resin mixing tubs

1 x roll 36mm 3M green 233 Lap Tape 

10ml measure

Flexpad Velcro Sanding Pad.  Choose from soft , medium or hard 150mm  or 200mm

Velcro Adalox sanding papers various grades 80grt, 120grt, 240grt  

1ltr Finish Coat Resin if you wish to put a Gloss Coat on the board

1 x  4" Gloss Coat Brush

Abralon  polishing Disc 500grt & 1000grt


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